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"This next song is for the ladies…so I’ve seen a lot of beautiful ladies at Coachella today. But I want to see some more! So gentleman if you’re with a lady and you love her or like her, or ladies if you’re with a lady and you love her or like her, it’s time for you to raise her up!"

You know why I much prefer Florence to Gaga? Why I think THIS message is way more supportive of LGBT that what Lady Gaga does (here, I’m not dissing on Gaga or saying what she does doesn’t help, it helps in it’s way of course, this is not an anti-Gaga message)? Florence aknowledge the LGBT diversity at her shows as completely normal. She says this like it’s nothing. She normalizes the fact that, yes, some women might’ve come with other women. If you were saying that in you fridge you had coke and seven up, you’d just say that you have cokes and seven up. No big deal. Would you say “I have coke and I have something that is entirely different than coke but it’s also as good so it’s okay! Don,t make a fuss about it!”.
I speak as a part of the LGBT community, and I much prefer to be treated as if it was no big deal than to be told that it’s okay if I’m different and I should embrace it. To me, that simple little thing Florence said makes her a probably much more accepting person than a lot of people around me who are like “Yeah, being different is okay. it’s okay if you’re not like me.” because the message is, not only that it’s okay, but that there really is no differences at all.

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